keep your business honest

Keep Your Business Honest

Through my years of experience dealing with companies large and small, I have witnessed a fair share of mistakes in business situations. Some minor, some troubling, and some that could not only be harmful to an organization’s health, but that of its employees. The issues listed below were observed in real companies, and were either Read More

i need a bookkeeper

“I Need a Bookkeeper” You Say? Try Us!

Above: your office staff is watching cat videos on YouTube when you’re not around… Sooner or later, your small business is going to prompt you to realize: “I need a bookkeeper!” This will happen sooner rather than later, especially if you are handling your small business bookkeeping by yourself. Perhaps you’ve looked into using a Read More

quickbooks online vs xero

Quickbooks Online vs Xero

Within the world of small business accounting applications, there is a battle between the two dominant players: Quickbooks Online vs Xero. Quickbooks has been the major accounting application in use for small and medium-sized business bookkeeping for many years, in both its desktop and online (or “cloud”) versions. It’s easy to understand why: it’s powerful, Read More