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Online Quickbooks Services for Growing Businesses

Statera Services provides online Quickbooks services as an alternative to on-site (and therefore more costly) bookkeeping employees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for a full-time bookkeeper was $40,220 in early 2016. Training a new employee, especially one who isn’t already certified in Quickbooks, will only add to this cost. Read More

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How to Party With Quickbooks Bookkeeping!

In a survey published in 2015, Entrepreneur Magazine revealed that one of the least fulfilling tasks that business owners deal with is…(drum roll, please)…bookkeeping! Wait – you mean bookkeeping isn’t a crazy, over-the-top celebration?? Isn’t using Quickbooks bookkeeping a non-stop party?* Ok, not really. Anyway, business owners dislike bookkeeping for a number of reasons, but the Read More

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How Online Accounting Services Save Money

Whether your small business consists of a staff of one – that is, yourself – or is a growing concern which employs a few dozen individuals, you may be wondering when, or if, you should hire help with your financials. If you’re taking on new clients and your revenues are growing, you can’t afford not Read More