“I Need a Bookkeeper” You Say? Try Us!

i need a bookkeeper

Above: your office staff is watching cat videos on YouTube when you’re not around…

Sooner or later, your small business is going to prompt you to realize: “I need a bookkeeper!” This will happen sooner rather than later, especially if you are handling your small business bookkeeping by yourself. Perhaps you’ve looked into using a temp agency to provide you with a temporary or part-time bookkeeper, but found out that even temps have drawbacks. Agencies charge high hourly rates when they assign personnel to your place of business, and their employees aren’t necessarily as dedicated to your company’s success as you’d like them to be.

Perhaps your “I need a bookkeeper” awareness is causing your to consider hiring an on-site bookkeeper, only to find that doing so wouldn’t be worth the hassles and costs. According to Salary.com, the average annual salary for a full-time bookkeeper is close to $40,000. That works out to, roughly, $19 per hour that you’ll have to pay a bookkeeper who works on-site for you. So, say you hire someone to handle your books on-site for you on a part-time basis. If you hire that employee to work 15 hours per week for you, you’ll spend over $1,100 per month for the help.

Statera Services strives to provide your small business with exactly the type of online bookkeeping services that you would expect to have if you had an on-site bookkeeper. That’s because, while we are not actually on-site, we are working for your company! Sure, having an on-site bookkeeper gives you easy access. However, today’s advanced communication tools offer cost savings that can only be gained when you use a remote bookkeeping service. Besides, what do you do if you need to check your books or reports after office hours? An on-site bookkeeper will be unavailable when the workday is over; but you’ll be able to contact us or access your cloud-based reports 24/7.

In addition, we know that many businesses use niche software products that are specifically designed to work with the industries that they operate within. The Quickbooks Online accounting application, which Statera Services specializes in, is able to mesh seamlessly with hundreds of add-on software applications. No matter which industry your business operates in, we can customize financial recordkeeping that fits your organization specifically.

When you (or your partners or employees) are forcing you to exclaim “I need a bookkeeper!”, consider online bookkeeping services from Statera Services. We like to think of ourselves as the “Temp Agency Alternative”. We’ll handle your bookkeeping tasks for only a few hundred bucks per month, and you won’t have to supply us with a desk, computer, or coffee! And, we’ll throw in a special bonus: you won’t be paying Statera Services to watch cat videos. Get in touch for more details.