Online Quickbooks Services for Growing Businesses

online quickbooks

Statera Services provides online Quickbooks services as an alternative to on-site (and therefore more costly) bookkeeping employees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for a full-time bookkeeper was $40,220 in early 2016. Training a new employee, especially one who isn’t already certified in Quickbooks, will only add to this cost. Perhaps your business employs several dozen or more employees. If so, the payroll tasks alone may warrant a full-time bookkeeper. However, what if you employ only ten individuals? Or a half dozen? What if your company staff is composed of only one person, that is: yourself? Not only will you not need a full-time, or even a part-time, on-site bookkeeper; you’ll likely bust your company budget if you hire one. Yet, the financial record keeping, reporting, income and expense tracking, and bank reconciliations involved with your company require a great deal of time. And time, as we all know, is money. Online bookkeeping services for growing businesses like yours will not only save you money, but will also spare you the aggravation and stress of trying to learn a new accounting software package, staying up-to-date with that package, and allow you more time to focus on servicing your valuable customer base.

Perhaps it is your goal to grow your revenues as much as possible without having to add employees. With a freelance bookkeeper this is not only possible but preferable for most small businesses. Even if you do expect to hire employees at some future date, you have the ability to “test drive” the services offered by a freelance bookkeeper who is certified in the Quickbooks application. Such services may or may not become so valuable that you’ll eventually require a full-time on-site employee. Until that time, however, your business will be free of the requirements, costs, and regulations that encompass bringing on employees. Even if you don’t require the services of a freelance bookkeeper all year long, you can be confident that when you do, your remote expert will keep his or her services up-to-date via ongoing work with other clients. Training doesn’t have to be your concern or expense – it’s already packaged with your freelancer.

Today, there is little need for a small and growing business to hire an on-site bookkeeper. Thanks to advancements in technology, communications, and security, your business can receive all of the benefits that come with having a full-time bookkeeper without the costs or concerns that an additional employee will bring. You can get real-time financial reports, 24/7 accounting software access, and flexible availability with online Quickbooks services. Statera Services provides online Quickbooks expertise for small businesses like yours. Save money, time, and stress! Contact us to learn more.